1. Information on the Drones POST, SL and contact
  • Company name: The Drones POST, SL (“The Drones POST “).
  • Registered office: Calle Monte Esquinza, 30, 1 derecha, Madrid (28010), Spain.
  • CIF Number: B-87348637.
  • Registration data: registered in the trade register of Madrid, volume 33751, folio 155, sheet number M-607471, entry 1.

You can contact the Drones POST via email contacto@dronespost.com and by mail from your registered office address.

  1. Purpose and general conditions of use of the website

2.1. This Legal Notice and Privacy Policy governs the access, navigation and use of the Website, and the processing of personal data that could be made ​​through it.
2.2. For the purposes of this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy should be understood as Website all subdomains and directories under it, and including its source code, and any information displayed and/or can be displayed on the same, between another, but is not limited to title, Audiovisual Content -defined in paragraph 2.4, photographs, text, videos, newspaper articles, distinctive signs, opinion, news releases, trademarks, trade names and any other creations and benefits, as well as other creations, content and/or services which although not visible are the subject of protection (“content”).
2.3. The purpose of the website is to share, promote and publicize the activities of The Drones POST, and products and/or services offered through it. Purchase of products and/or services through the website will be governed by the following Terms and Conditions.
2.4. Through the Website, The Drones POST offers, among others, the following activities:

(i) Licensing of audiovisual, photographic content and any other of similar nature, recorded or captured using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones), piloted or operated by third parties duly authorized to operate drones (the “Audiovisual Content”).
(ii) Provision of brokerage services for the provision by third parties relating to the operation of drones services.

(iii) Management of a digital space, known under the term blog, through which content of interest are published, among others, articles, reports, opinions, news, etc.
2.5. The products and/or services offered through the Website are only aimed at those individuals or legal entities not considered “consumer” within the meaning of Article 3 of Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which the revised text for the Protection of Consumers and Users. That is, the procurement of goods and/or services only addresses those acting for purposes relating to his trade, business or profession.
Also, the Web site is directed only to adults (18 and older).
2.6. The User in no case will use the Web Site or the Content for: (i) engaging in illegal activities, illegal or contrary to good faith, morals and public order; (ii) causing damage to physical and logical systems of the Drones POST, its suppliers or third, through, inter alia, breach of the security systems of the Website, the introduction of viruses and/or installation of robots or software; or (iii) to introduce or spread computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing the aforementioned damage.
2.7. The Drones POST reserves the right to refuse, modify and/or withdraw access to the Website, the Content and/or products and/or services offered without any communication to users.
Also, The Drones POST reserves the right to make, without prior notice, the changes it deems appropriate on the Website, in the Content and/or products and/or services offered, among other reasons, to improve quality, performance, effectiveness of its system, the website and its connection, may change, delete, expand or reduce both the information, content, products and services, such as the way in which these are presented or located.
Also, The Drones POST if required, may limit access to certain content, information, products and / or services, and even delete the Web site of the Network.

It is understood that the user accepts the modifications carried out on the Site if, after them, they can access, browse or use it the same.

  1. Conditions of Access

3.1. The access, navigation, and use of the website is free and its visualization does not require prior registration or the purchase of a product and/or service. For purchased products or services, the user will pay the price that corresponds to each individual product or service.
3.2. Prior to sending any personal data through the Website, you should carefully read our Privacy Policy, and if after reading you consent to the processing of personal data that is requested, prior to sending data you must expressly accept our policy by marking the appropriate box.
3.1. “My Account”
3.1.1. The Drones POST provides an area reserved for Users, to which the provision of personal data may be necessary to obtain access. Such data processing shall be in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
3.1.2. To access this area, the data owner must provide true, accurate, complete and current data, and you must select a username and password. The Drones POST only requests the information necessary for the purpose for that is collected; referred to in paragraph 8.2.2.

We recommend that you protect your account with a strong password, for example, a password containing combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

3.1.3. The account holder can change their password at any time via the Web Site. Also, the account holder must take responsibility and act diligently regarding the use and conservation of their username and password, identifying elements that are private, so the account holder is solely responsible for the custody of them and any activity or act that is done with their username and / or password.
3.1.4. In the case of observing any known or suspected unauthorized use of your username and/or password, please contact us via email provided at the beginning of this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.
3.2. Area “Contact”
3.2.1. The Drones POST provides users with a contact area through which you can write comments and/or questions to the Drones POST. Any personal data provided will be treated according to our Privacy Policy.
3.2.2. In the event the User uses the contact area, the User guarantees that they hold the information provided or own all rights to its disclosure, that such information is true, accurate, complete and current and does not involve disclosure of confidential or trade secret information without consent, or infringement of any exclusive right or title to a third party.

3.2.3.  The User agrees to assume any liability resulting from disclosure, either in his name or a third party, keeping the Drones POST intact at all times.

  1. Blog

4.1. The Drones POST runs a blog through which contents of interest are published, among others, articles, reports, opinions, news, etc. related to the world of drones.
4.2.  The Drones POST may make available to users an area for the Users to think about and comment on publications. The Drones POST reserves the right to install a filtering system in order to avoid injury to property and/or rights of others.

4.3. The User warrants that they hold the information provided or own all rights to its disclosure, that such information is true, accurate, complete and current, and that does not involve disclosure of confidential trade secret information or without consent or infringement of any exclusive right or title to a third party.
4.4. The Drones POST has no obligation whatsoever to control any comments, opinions, links, information and content posted on the blog. However, the Drones POST may act with due diligence in the case that we have actual knowledge that illegal activities or damage to property or rights of a third party are being carried out through the blog. Therefore, the Drones POST can delete any comments, opinions, links, information and content posted by users.
4.5. The Drones POST assumes no responsibility for any damages that may be caused by any comments, opinions, links, information and content published by users.

  1. Intellectual Property

5.1. The Drones POST owns or has obtained the rights, licenses and/or authorizations to the rights of intellectual and industrial property on the website, as well as the rights to intellectual property of the Contents, computer programs, the selection and/or arrangement of the contents of the website and the products and/or services available through it.
5.2. Under no circumstances shall access, navigation, use of the Website and / or the contracting of products and / or services offered through the Web site imply a waiver, transfer, license or transfer, in whole or in part, intellectual and industrial property rights whatsoever on the part of the Drones POST to the User. In the event that a license of Audiovisual Content terms and conditions of use is acquired they will be agreed individually between the Drones POST and the licensee.
5.3. The use of trade names, trademarks, logos or other distinctive signs that appear or are included in the Web Site and are owned by The Drones POST or others, is strictly prohibited, unless you have obtained the prior written consent of its rightful owner, whether The Drones POST or any third party. In any case, if the Drones POST or the relevant third party access has granted prior written authorization, the user has the right to navigation and/or use of the Website and/or its contents and/or purchase products and/or services.
5.4. Any use and/or operation of the Website and the Content that is not expressly authorized by The Drones POST or the corresponding holder, among others, including but not limited, is prohibited: (i) deleting or manipulating the notice of copyright, any other data identifying the rights that correspond to The Drones POST or third parties incorporated into the Contents, as well as the technical protection measures, fingerprints, watermarks or any mechanisms information and/or identification appearing on the website and/or Content; and (ii) to distribute, copy, publicly communicate, transform, commercialize, transform, reproduce, totally or partially, download and/or remove Content and/or the Website.
5.5. In short, any use not expressly authorized by The Drones POST or, where appropriate, the third party, will be considered a serious breach of the rights of intellectual property, and will lead to appropriate compensation for damages by the user.

  1. Links

Neither the inclusion of links or links to external connections or references to the Web Site on websites of a third party imply any kind of collaboration, association, merger or participation of The Drones POST with the entities connected.
6.1. Links to third party websites
6.1.1. The links or links that could be included in the website and that have been included by The Drones POST are made ​​available to the User solely for the purpose of facilitating access to other third party content. However, it is noted that The Drones POST does not manage the websites that redirect or is responsible for the content thereof, except as expressly stated in the corresponding Legal Notice of the website to which you redirect.

6.1.2. Also, it is noted that The Drones POST has no obligation whatsoever to control the websites of third parties or the content included therein. However, The Drones POST may act with due diligence if we have actual knowledge that a user or users are carrying out illegal activities or damaging property or rights of a third party, through a third party website.
6.2. Links to the website
6.2.1.  In the event that a user is interested in establishing links to the Website, they must do so under the law, this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy and fully comply below:

(i) The link will link with the main (Home) page of the Website.

(ii) The link must be complete and display the website in its entirety.

(iii) In no case may it refer to the Web Site frame by frame, that is, incorporating within itself the third page; content cannot be used separately and independently of the Website.

(iv) In no case shall the link to the Web site, demonstrations and/or false, inaccurate or incorrect in relation to the Website, or comments, insert The Drones POST, partners, customers products and services and workers.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Drones POST may at any time request the withdrawal of such a link without having to provide The Drones POST justification, sufficing only communication to that effect.

  1. Limitation of Liability

7.1. The User shall be responsible for the their own use of the Website and the Content. Therefore, the Drones POST assumes no liability for the use of the Website and / or Content by the user, as well as damages that may be caused to third parties due to this use. In particular, the Drones POST shall in no way be responsible for infringements on the rights of intellectual property that could be carried out by users.
7.2. The User shall at all times responsible for the use made ​​of the blog, as well as any comments, opinions, links, information and other content published through it, as well as any damages that such publications would cause to third parties.
7.3. In the event that the Website will contains links to websites of third parties, it is noted that The Drones POST does not exercise any control over such sites or their contents. Consequently, The Drones POST will not assume any responsibility for the information, products, services, advertising, links and/or in general, any content posted on another website, nor guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, comprehensiveness, accuracy or validity thereof.
7.4. The Drones POST assumes no responsibility in the event of infringement of Audiovisual Content rights of third parties, and/or have been recorded or captured in breach of the legal requirements and/or ratings that apply.
7.5. The Drones POST assumes no responsibility for damages of any kind that may occur to the User or third party in the following cases: (i) suspension, removal and/or modification of the Website and/or Content; (ii) malfunction of the browser and/or the Website; (iii) damage to the user’s computer system (software and hardware) and/ or files and content stored on that system, among others, the existence of viruses on the mobile device or PC User, the malfunction browser or any version thereof; (iv) damage caused by safety actions of third parties; or (v) in general, any use of the Website and/or Content that any user or third party may perform.

  1. Privacy Policy
  • Confidentiality, professional secrecy and security are core values ​​of The Drones POST. We are committed to ensuring the privacy of the user and interactions with it. The Drones POST also undertakes not to collect unnecessary information about the User.
  • The Drones POST provides the user with adequate technical resources that, prior to shipment or delivery of personal data, can access this Legal and Privacy Policy or any other relevant information and give their consent that The Drones POST can proceed to automatic processing of personal data of users.

8.1. Privacy
8.1.1. In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data (“LOPD”), and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of development of the Data Protection Act (“Data Protection Law”), we inform you that sending personal data constitutes the express consent to the treatment of the same, albeit revocable, without retroactive effects.

8.1.2. We inform you that all our files are legally registered in the General Register of Personal Data (“RGPD”) of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and that to safeguard the security of personal data we apply technical and organizational security measures that are required in RLOPD regulations governing security measures for files containing personal data.
8.2. Purpose of Collection and Processing of Personal Data
8.2.1. The data provided by the user through the area “Contact” or “My account” may be included in the file named “Users-Web” or the file named “Customers and/or Suppliers”, duly registered in RGPD, for which The Drones POST is responsible.
8.2.2. The information we request is appropriate, relevant and necessary for the purpose for which it is collected, which is to allow the User to maintain contact over the Internet, email or post queries or comments with users and management.

In no case you are obliged to provide us the data. However, the lack of supply could prevent the provision of performance required by The Drones POST.

8.2.3. We also inform the User that in the data collection form, The Drones POST might seek consent to send commercial communications and/or Newsletters by marking the appropriate box. In the case of the User offering their express consent, The Drones POST may send the User communications about products and/or services via email, SMS, or any other equivalent means of electronic communication.
In any case, you can refuse to receive commercial communications through NOT marking the appropriate box or post have given consent, through the link in each commercial communication where it shall be made available to the user to unsubscribe communication. It will be easy and free of charge.
8.2.4. In addition, your data may be processed through the cookies used by the Website, in accordance with the provisions Cookies Policy Web Site.
8.2.5. The Drones POST under no circumstances will use the personal data of users for purposes other than those mentioned above, unless the consent of the user for this purpose is obtained.
8.3. Quality of Data Provided
8.3.1. You warrant that the personal data belongs to you, and that data is not revealing any third party. It also ensures that the data provided is true, accurate, complete and updated, and you are solely responsible for any damages generated by a breach of that obligation.

8.3.2. It is particularly important that your data is updated at all times, so please communicate of any modification of your data, otherwise, we will not respond to the veracity of that data.
8.4. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data
8.4.1. The User can freely exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in the terms and deadlines specified in the LOPD by writing to the following address: contacto@dronespost.com . Although the cancellation of the data will not be possible in those cases where the data is necessary for the maintenance and performance of the contractual relationship between the User and The Drones POST.
8.4.2. For the exercise of these rights we will require identification, so it is required for the User to provide a copy of a valid ID along with the claim form. The User should also provide an address for notification purposes, as well as the date and signature.
8.5. Data Communication
The Drones POST informs you that your data is treated confidentially and used exclusively internally and for the stated purposes. Therefore, we neither cede nor pass your data to any third party except as provided by law, or when the user has expressly authorized this transfer.
8.6. Security of your personal data
In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, we inform you that The Drones POST has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data supplied by the user as to prevent alteration, loss and treatment or unauthorized access, as required by RLOPD regulations governing security measures for files containing personal data. However, we must note that Internet security measures are not impregnable.
8.7. Update your data
8.7.1. It is important for us to keep your personal information accurate, so please inform us when there has been any change in this information. Otherwise, we cannot verify the accuracy of the information. We believe that if you do not cancel your personal data specifically from our files, you are still interested in incorporating them into our site as The Drones POST deems appropriate and they will be used for the purpose for which they were obtained.
8.7.2. The Drones POST is not responsible for the privacy policy regarding personal information you may provide to third parties via the links available on the Web site.
8.8. Changes to privacy policy
The Drones POST can alter this privacy policy to adapt to changes that occur on the Website, by legislative changes on personal data that appear and affect the policy or in order to adapt the policy to instructions given by the Spanish data Protection Agency. So it requires reading, every time you provide your information through the Web Site.

When significant changes in this Privacy Policy occur, Users will be informed of these changes either through the Website or via email to users who have consented to the processing of their data.

  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

9.1. The relationship between the User and The Drones POST is governed by common Spanish law.
9.2. In the event that the applicable legislation provides for the possibility of submitting to a jurisdiction, The Drones POST and the user, waiving their own jurisdiction or that which could apply to the interpretation and resolution of conflicts that may arise between them as a result of this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid.

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