Castle of Alcocer drone

Castle of Alcocer drone

TITLE:  Castle
LOCATION:  Puebla de Alcocer. Badajoz. Spain
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080.
FILE: mov
DRON / CAMERA Inspire 1
OPERATOR Sobrevolando

The castle of Puebla de Alcocer, also known as Castillo de Alcocer, is a defensive building whose origins date back to the middle of the fifteenth century, specifically to 1445, the year in which King Don Juan II donated the Puebla de Alcocer to Don Gutierrez Of Sotomayor, Master of the Order of Alcantara. It is located in the municipality of Puebla de Alcocer, in the province of Badajoz, Autonomous Community of Extremadura, in the region of La Siberia Extremadura. At the end of the same century the dominion over in the castle was to stop, due to hereditary and matrimonial rights, to Doña Elvira de Zúñiga reason why appears the coat of arms of the Zúñiga in the Tower of the Tribute. Also located in this tower is the coat of arms of the Sotomayor.

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