Cargo ship Bilbao drone

Cargo ship Bilbao drone

TITLE  Cargo ship “Modern Express”
PLACE Bilbao harbour. Spain
DIMENSIONS 1920×1080
DRON / CÁMARA  Phantom 2
OPERADOR Flydroning

The freighter of Panamanian flag “Modern Express” which has spent eight days adrift in the Gulf of Biscay after suffering a sudden heeling, has been towed Wednesday to the port of Bilbao in an operation that has been greatly complicated by the bad weather conditions. The “Modern Express”, 160 meters long, and carrying more than 3,600 tons of wood and public works machinery inside, suffered a bad heeling on 26 January. The crew of “Modern Express” was evacuated but ended days after the freighter off the French coast of Landes. Until Wednesday has not been possible to enter the freighter harbor by tugboat “Centaurus”. The government of Gabon has come to Interpol to investigate the contents of the timber freighter and could be transporting illegal origin.

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