Kazakhastan_Lake Kaindy_3

TITLE  Kazakhastan_Lake Kaindy_3
LOCATION  Kazakhstan
DURATION:  00:53
DIMENSIONS:  1920×1080 HD
DRONE / CAMERA Inspire 1

Kaindy Lake is a lake 400 meters long in Kazakhstan with a maximum depth of 30 m in some areas. It is located 129 kilometers east-southeast of the city Almaty and 2,000 meters above sea level. The lake was created as a result of an enormous limestone landslide, caused by the earthquake of 1911 in Chon-Kemin.1 The road to the lake kaindy has several panoramic views of the Canyon Saty, the Chilik Valley and Canyon Kaindy. Dry snags of spruce trees schrenkiana rise above the surface.

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