DroneShow lands this year at the Barcelona fair to show the full potential of RPA’s

We interviewed Agustín Torres, DroneShow organizer. Fira de Barcelona. 22 and 23 March 2017

What will be “DroneShow” of Barcelona?

It will be the first Drones fair to be held in Barcelona on March 22nd and 23rd at the Fira de Plaza España, in the heart of Barcelona, with more than 50 exhibitors, more than 10,000 professional visitors and a set of activities such as the Fly Zone Show, Conference Auditorium with the most relevant success stories and trends to date, the Start Up Competition, the European Films Festival with drones and private One to One meeting space.

agustin_torres_foto_drone– In Spain there have been sector fairs dedicated to drones in a very local area such as Expodrónica, in Feria de Zaragoza. How will DroneShow differ from the other drone fairs we’ve seen?

DroneShow basically differentiates itself in the location, since it is organized in the center of a large city, in the number of visitors, since at the same time organizes the most important fair of electronic commerce and logistics that mobilizes more than 10,000 businessmen, in the schedules, since it will have a time slot from 18h to 21h dedicated to the public in general, and also in the form of making the call since we confirm the attendance of the main buyers of the sector through our call center in such a way that the exhibitor Makes a large number of sales.

– To which audience is it directed? Who will attend the “DroneShow” of the Barcelona Fair?

Professionals in agriculture, energy, security, photo and video, education, public agencies, advertising agencies, architects, eCommerce, logistics, cartography, insurance, start ups and the general public.

– One of the parallel activities is the “European Drones Film Festival”. Who will be able to participate in this festival?

All the European film operators and producers.

– The “DroneShow” will not only be an enclosure with stands … You also want to enhance direct contact and drone flight demonstrations. There will be a Flight Zone, a startup’s Contest, and conferences. What can we see and hear in the “DroneShow”?

DroneShow organizes next to the Telecommunications Secretary of the Generalitat of Catalonia and other governmental entities the First Start Up Competition with the presence of investors willing to invest in the selected projects, on the other hand the best European pilots and the main manufacturers of the sector will demonstrate the latest trends and innovations in flights.

– We find very interesting the promotion of direct contact between manufacturers and service providers with customers. How are you going to do that “one to one”?

drone_show_300x300The One to One is aimed at all those exhibitors who want to have a meeting agenda pre-established before the start of the fair, DroneShow is responsible for 6 to 8 meetings between manufacturers and potential customers, meetings are held in a VIP area of The fair with uninterrupted catering service.

– “DroneShow” will coincide with “The eShow”, the largest e-commerce fair in Spain. How will the exhibitors of the “DroneShow” benefit the coincidence with this e-commerce fair?

The more than 11,0000 visitors to the eShow are interested in knowing firsthand the solutions that the Drone sector brings in the improvement of its business. On the other hand the leading logistics companies that are present in eShow want to make alliances with the drones companies.


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