The second edition of the European Drone Film Festival will be held in Barcelona on 21 and 23 March 2017. It will be in the framework of the DroneShow that will take place in Feria de Barcelona. This festival, whose first edition was held in France, is moved to Barcelona this time thanks to the efforts of Jordi Folk, photographer and drone pilot.

Interview with Jordi Folk, member of the jury of the European Drone Film Festival

By Rory Williamson (

What does European Drone Film Festival want to be?

Well, I would speak more about what it is today. The first edition, made in France, had a participation of 128 projects from 22 different countries, which can already be said to be one of the most important festivals in the world. Let us also bear in mind that only projects with European participation can be submitted. Which leaves off projects from the United States and Asia.

This second edition is celebrated in Spain. Has the participation grown?

Jordi Folkjurado festival
We hope so. In the absence of a week to close the deadline for submission of projects already have 40 videos submitted from 18 different countries. As always, everyone waits untill the last minute, so we hope to exceed the number of works presented in the first edition.

How did the idea of ​​setting up the European Drone Film Festival come about?

The idea comes from a French gentleman named Matthieu Peron. In France there are many cinemas that are run by voluntary associations. And in a town in the French Brittany called Gourin, with just 3,000 inhabitants, and has a cinema with state-of-the-art technology, much better than the best cinema that we can have in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​came the idea of ​​organizing this festival Of film dron by a group of volunteers. The first edition of the festival in Gourin lasted 5 days. Parallel to the festival was organized a professional fair with stands and conferences, as well as a spectacular career of gifts that lasted 2 days.

I participated in jury in the first edition and fell in love with the association, the people and how they did things. I told them that I wanted to collaborate with them in everything that was needed. We wanted to take the festival to Malaga, but it was impossible due to logistical and budgetary issues, but this year when the DroneShow fair was held in Barcelona, ​​which is also my home, we managed to bring the second edition of the festival to Barcelona.

What repercussion do you think the use of drones will have in world cinema?

The traditional cinema is very suspicious because until everything is not very “tested” it is very difficult to incorporate new things. Especially because in a film shoot there is no time for error. Everything goes to the chronometer and every second costs a lot of money. Film shoots just want things that work well and fast. Professionals who use dron technology still lack a bit of shooting to get into the world of film with credit. It will be little by little, because it really lowers costs and the results are very good.

Do you think that the level of quality of the works that have been presented to the festival has risen compared to the previous edition?

The quality of the work is spectacular. I am especially accustomed to seeing works in Spain, where we have a serious problem with audiovisual language. In Spain there is not a good audiovisual language, but you go abroad … it is spectacular.

Which audio-visual sectors are most interested in seeing the latest drones?

Especially in advertising since they are filming more content and in smaller format. At the cinema still it costs him enough to incorporate the drones because of course, the cameras are great and in a dron the use of according to what type of objectives it costs a lot for the subject of the gimbals. I think the advertising market is the one that is most interested right now in the use of dron technology.

With what type of cameras are the works you are receiving recorded?

Nowadays drones can carry fully professional film cameras, no problem to mount them in a dron. The problem is that they have to be cameras with short targets, you can not put a “tele” because it is impossible.

What do you have to do to be able to submit works to the festival?

Registration is done through a platform called “Film free way” and allows you to put all the information of the registration and upload the video. The jury can see it directly and accept it, reject it and even punctuate it. It is strictly required that all videos have been made in full compliance with the legality of the place where they were recorded. A declaration form is also requested: Who is the pilot, what aircraft has been used, the day the recording has been made, where it has been made and also the documentation and professional permits of each pilot / operator.

Which category is the most successful?

The category that always has more participation in this type of festivals is the documentary, with images that illustrate the beauty of a site. The intention of the festival is to encourage and that is the category of “fiction”, that is, films with script. In this category the products presented are the coolest, but of course, obviously require an investment of time and means that not everyone has and this makes their participation more limited. There is even a very cool category that consists of doing “selfies”, these typical planes in which the dron is moving away.

What level do the Spanish drivers have?

In the first edition of the festival three works from Spain were presented and they were in the last places … and with a lot of difference. I always say that the Spanish compete in inequality of conditions, because of the legislative issue. In Spain flying drones is more complicated. The French, for example, have many facilities to travel throughout the French-speaking area. In the first edition there were lots of videos from the Mauritius, and of course, that’s a blast. It is not the same Mauritius that you come here and record something in Sabadell, to say something … But hey, 15 days ago there was a festival in Madrid in which they already started to present projects that were quite good, with which I I hope that in this edition of the European Drone Film Festival there are very cool Spanish videos.

What forecast of attendance to the festival you have?

We are fortunate that we are at a TheDroneShow fair. In addition the fair is next to the fair e-show, an e-commerce fair that already takes a lot of years of tradition. The e-show in the last edition had 10,000 visitors, so I think it’s going to be great.

How is the European Drone Film Festival different from other style contests?

Above all, it differs in the vocation to spread. There are festivals that charge for registration and the sole reason for being is lucrative. We just want to spread it. Today we have concluded an agreement with “Dronestagram”, which is the largest drone photography platform in the world, in order to be able to disseminate worldwide all the projects that are presented to the festival. The people who present themselves to this festival have a guarantee of the future. The video that won the best documentary award in the first edition of the festival has already won 15 international awards and was presented for the first time at the European Drone Film festival. They are projects that thanks to this festival have a long international career.

In case of success will there be more conventions in Spain?

I think we are going more along the line that each country has its classification phase. That France has one phase, Spain has another, Portugal another … each country should have its own qualifying phase for the European. It would be very good if Barcelona had a festival permanently, even if it was only qualifying.

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