It seems like a joke but the funny thing is that it really happened a few days ago. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvédev made an official visit to Israel to see the Volcani Institute of Tel Aviv in the company of Israeli agriculture minister Uri Ariel. So much was the desire of the Israeli minister to please his guest that he decided to give him the dron. So..

The Volcani Institute thought that his minister was joking, but when the next day two Russian embassy officials went to collect “his” new dron, they realized that it was a bad idea, a very bad one. The absurd gesture of Uri Ariel throws months of arduous work and, above all, ruins the perspective that the Volcani Institute had deposited in this dron made by the spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems, located in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.

Alpha Unmanned Systems sold 2 models of its “Sniper” dron for € 50,000 each to the Israel Volcanic Institute in June 2015. It took almost two years of procedures to obtain the certificates that allowed the importation of the two helicopters .They had obtained the definitive certification of the two “Sniper” just a few weeks ago, so it is easy to imagine the anger of the investigators of the Volcani Institute when his minister got rid of one of the two drones in just a second.



The gift has caused a lot of controversy in Israel. The generous minister has denied that “the security of the country” has been put in danger, since the thermal cameras of the “Sniper”, of an USA manufacture were dismantled of the dron before sending it to Russia.

But if the story begins in a crazy way, the end does not disappoint either. Dmitri Medvédev will have to buy a new remote if he wants to fly the “Sniper” since he only took the dron. The remote control station remained in Tel-Aviv because the spanish company sold to the Israelis two drones but with a single remote control system, and obviously the Volcani Institute did not pack it together with the gift and they kept it to, at least, be able to fly their drone.

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