On June 7 and 8, 2017 professionals and drone fans will be meeting in Malaga. The Palace of Fairs and Congresses will host the first edition of Hi! Drone Technology, a fair that aims to attract the latest dron technology and become a benchmark in both Spain and Europe. We interviewed Sergio Muñoz and Jose Maria Rueda, organizer and direct collaborator of Hi! Drone Technology 2017 respectively.

Interview: Rory Williamson. rory@dronespost.com

What does Hi! Drone technology want to be?

A hall that includes professionals of the sector dron. Our expectation is that it is an international reference room.

What is your main objective?

We want it to be a benchmark in its sector, for what we have been working for almost 2 years, and also that the professional public can be aware of the latest news and see and know first hand.

How did you come up with Hi! Drone technology?

No doubt dron technology is a booming sector. To us as professionals and passionate about this technology we were moved by the concern of doing more than driving a dron. At first it was a dream. We wanted to create an event to bring together all the professionals in the sector. We understand that it is an opportunity for all companies that want to show their products to the public, and this time technology is ahead of the possibilities that existed for its promotion.

What is the importance of Andalusia as a pole of attraction for the dron sector in Spain?

At the moment there has not been a similar event in our community. In addition we have chosen Málaga for the ease in its communications and infrastructures. Andalusia has an important role in the technological sector in our country.
What latest technologies will be presented at the fair?

We prefer not to overtake anything and it is a surprise, but it will be something totally different from what we have seen before. There will be new developments in both software and hardware.

Are there many companies interested in attending the event?

Fortunately we can say a yes with capital letters. From the first moment we wanted to print a professional character to Hi Drone, and this has been perceived by both the visitor and the exhibitor. We have many proposals that we will try to adapt to our itinerary little by little.

Which sectors are most interested in seeing the latest drones?

We have taken care to have all the fields present: Agriculture, engineering, smart city, software developers, audiovisual and many more …

How far do you think dron technology can go?

I believe that to this day nobody is qualified to answer this question. It is impossible to assess the direction this will take, but we have no doubt that it will be a revolution
How will this technology benefit us?

It will facilitate and accelerate the pace of society, in fact it is already doing so in fields such as agriculture, engineering, surveying and many more …

Do you think it is dangerous to provide this technology to citizens?

Absolutely. It simply needs a specific rating for the use of these aircraft. To this day, there is still a lot to cover in the training subject, however during Hi! Drone Technology we will have presentations on this subject.


What changes do you think there will be in the drone sector with the new legislation?

We hope to facilitate the professional to the development of their activity. Currently working with a dron is to live a constant feeling of being in violation of the law and this we have to try to improve the people responsible.

Do you think the current legislation is too restrictive?

Logically with this legislation we can do little. We need an important opening to be able to develop our work as professionals.

The legislation that is in force and was approved in 2014 in Spain, do you think it has caused or has hurt the development of the professional sector of the drones?

It was an urgent measure and logically has many fringes to improve.

Will there be flight demonstrations at the fair? What drones will we see fly?

Of course. We have more than 2,000 m2 destined to exhibitions of flight of the last novelties and we will be able to see of everything.

What is the speaker corner?

A space that we have designed so that the exhibitor can present his product or service to the public, for this we have enabled it with microphones, chairs and screens.

Why is this event only for professionals?

It is designed for professionals but the entrance will be open to everyone. We think the professional needs a showcase to show their product or service, and Hi! Drone will facilitate this showcase.

What forecast of visitors do you have?

We can not say an exact figure, but we know that it will be quite high because of the importance of the exhibitors who will be present.

Institutions are also helping you

Yes. We have the support of the Málaga City Council, which has been working with us, and is doing a great job together with the Trade Fair and Congress of Malaga.

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